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Conceiver "Kraton" Resto Mr. Effendi Pudjihartono grown large in the environment and one of the "Kampoeng" of it, so since he was little familiar with the various food village, where one of his favorites is a 'Nasi Goreng Jawa' (javanese fried rice) / 'Mi Goreng Jawa' (Javanese fried noodles) . In an environment where there are several vendors Nasi Goreng / Mi Goreng bred with various versions of their creations, and each, but it still feels pleasure typical. When he was growing adolescents, the search covers a wider area in the vicinity of, where there are dozens of vendors Nasi Goreng / Mi Goreng Jawa famous street in Kapasan, Ondomohen, etc.. However, in the sense of the search is felt there are some things to prop the heart and he feels less precise in various ways, among others, the hygiene, quality of materials used, the portion of flavor always create a sense of thirst after the meal, till way of serving perfunctorily.  This may not be a major problem for most people, but for the fans "Lunatic" (according to his own term) of creating "quest" or search of the prime taste littlely challenced, like to enjoy the Symphony orchestra, but one of the violin or other instrument to its flat , it is really disturbed is not it?

At the end of 1985 until 1990 he temporarily forgot his search because of the need to "ambition" is to be able to study overseas. Beyond allegations, even outside the nation his insting and ability to cook and blend flavor finally were passed through, like fire poured by oil, because of the limitations of cost, he must learn to cook their own food because to eat in the Indonesian restaurant or other Asian drains his pocket that he was not have its contents, while the foreign food clearly not a suitable alternative for teenagers who grew up in the village, they immediately remember "Cooking 101", autodidact during the next 5 years. With a variety of experiments from the previous experience and the sense of observation about hygiene, food processing and serving with the international standards, he began to learn to create / modify recipes Indonesian cuisine with spice collection which is very limited, but can produce a delicious food, activities that are bizarre actual direction for the Mechanical Engineering students who eventually graduated with predicate "Honors" Cum laude from the best and oldest university in the world, "The University of Canterbury" Christchurch.

After the return from overseas in 1991, he immediately was fettered by rushing in a career and then developing a company that was established, the company later evolved into a group that includes companies of Engineering, Proffessional maker Mould, Plastic Industry, Plywood / woodworking Industry, Import and export services, and Petro Chemical, etc..

But the love of his Indonesian food in general and Nasi Goreng / Mi Goreng Jawa in particular continue to call the soul. Finally, after had buried for many years, in 2004 april months he decided to establish the "Kraton Resto" with the first specialist Nasi Goreng / Mi Goreng Jawa. This restaurant is located in the Villa Bukit Mas RQ-02. Greeting the public and fans of Nasi goreng / Mi Goreng outside the allegations, quite extraordinary!

Name of Kraton does not have no any meaning in that, there are 3 clear reasons why the name is used as an "ICON" that expected growing up   in the food industry in the future.

First, the "Cultural" the Kraton itself is identical with the Java Culture, and so we hear the word of Kraton comes to imagine something smell of Java.

Second, in terms of the "Linguistics", Kraton consists of two syllable "KRA" and "TON" is very easy to be spoken and remembered by anyone of any origin, whether from within or outside the nation, this is very important to anticipate a time when the Kraton ready to "GO GLOBAL".


Third, the "Historic" because the drafter / founder grow large in the area of Kramat Gantung, Alon-alon Contong, which is an area welknown as its "KRATON" (palace) of Surabaya in long time ago, where there to this day there is still some residual form of the name of its place names that have been known since yore, there have Kraton alley, Kepatihan market, Tambakbayan, and other times it seems the central of the crowd in the lives of old "Soerabaia" in the era of yore.

With the concept of the Kraton continues to be improved, he would like this brew of "village" can be received in the International, as its basis in Chinese cuisine consisting of only "Rice" and "Noodle can be received in various parts of the world, there is no reason Nasi Goreng / Mi Goreng Jawa not get the same recognition when packed in the correct concept. So with his experience, the search iidentity / Lo taste of rice Goreng Java, starting from the use of "mi having a speech impediment" and the authentic and manufactured with the original recipe and the best hygiene standards, not "Mi boron" the majority of traders still use feet five, in general, peeled shrimp meat and skin and not the shrimp paste mixture that often create irritation in the throat after eating, and not the original stock or MSG penyedap culinary excess.

Basically Nasi Goreng / Mi Goreng Jawa is a mix between the typical food brought by immigrants from China hundreds of years ago (Noodle / Mi) combined with traditional spices that are found many in the land of this Java is to produce a new cuisine that is very delighted by various sections of the community, is tough in its development, because the "principle of economy", many of the basic material substituted with the material quality less and likely to harm health. Kraton obsession is to restore glory and to bring this local food to higher level, so more people can appreciate the delicacy typical cuisine of East Java bred.

Philosophy which is the basic concept of the soul in the Kraton sticky in this sentence written by Mr. Effendi Pudjihartono, as a drafter / Kraton Resto of the below:

This search has taken more than 4 years starting since year of 2004 until 2008 and still continues to this day. Including the search origin of Nasi Goreng / Mi goreng Jawa, search of native spices used in its original recipe.

The results of this search is made a book as a "secret recipe" of Kraton that unique and special  in  characteristic, which is different from Nasi goreng / Mi goreng Jawa in general at this time, that will make customers / it Kraton Kraton soon be able to distinguish from the other, this also makes the lover of Nasi Goreng / Mi Goreng Jawa of Kraton continues to grow and come from various countries and nations, from the neighbor countries Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States came from, some fanatics customers of foreign even using the time to drift away to Kraton Resto directly from the Airport to treat their longing for Kraton flavor and its special green chili sauce.

The name "KRATON" Nasi Goreng Jawa deliberately used as the identity and have obtained its patent rights. Thus, the chosen name of "KRATON" to strengthen the uniqueness and its special characteristics.

Until now this has been without felt already standing 5 outlets of Kraton Resto is spread over several locations around Surabaya, because many interest for the possibility to ask Kraton Resto outlet opened in other regions / countries including from Malaysia and the UAE / Dubai, Australia etc.. But since 2007 Kraton Management has designed a Franchise management system that lets an other outlet opened  outside but with a sense of the same in every outlet. This can be done because the concept of "Centralised kitchen", a system management processing "flavor / secret recipe" of Kraton is centralized, so that it can taste in every outlet preserved / same.

Seeing many customers who visited the outlet Kraton Resto each day, many are offering themselves to work with us, but the challenge is not necessarily in direct response. We simply realize that there are many shortages in many cases, especially operational and human resources development, Kraton management will select Franchisee candidates who truly have a concern to develop the concept that carried by Kraton Resto together with the management.