nasi goreng jawa
Terms become Franchisee 'Kraton' Nasi Goreng Jawa PDF Print E-mail

  1. Entrepreneurial and have a strong commitment to succeed.
  2. Have the sufficient funds for investment.
  3. Fond of F & B without having experienced in F & B industry before.
  4. Willing to work independently as well as an active and consistent role in developing and maintaining the trademark "KRATON" Nasi Goreng Jawa.
  5. Willing to spend time or at least actively involved three times a week on business operations.
  6. Understand and are committed to fulfill and comply with corporate operational standards that have been determined by the central management of "KRATON" Nasi Goreng Jawa.
  7. Understanding the benefits and risk factors of business if it was franchised.
  8. Have the strategic business location in accordance with the standards prescribed by the Franchisor, and has through the process of site evaluation.
  9. All building design, exterior, interior and logos and other things that are related should be in accordance with the standard of  "KRATON" Nasi Goreng Jawa.
  10. Preparing the appropriate human resources to support business operations.
  11. Responsible for all aspects of operations such as: provision of raw materials (order & repeat orders from the head office), sales, sales reports, service, support staff, operational know-how etc..